We are actively looking for both unpublished and established authors across all genres, in English, Spanish, French or Catalan.

Our literary agency is building an inclusive, diverse, voice-driven list, and is currently specially interested in:



We are keen on finding plural voices diversifying the literary scene: ranging from fiction and non-fiction works written by women, novels featuring non-white characters, or set in outlying regions.  Feminist reads, non-white characters, trans-identified or queer authors are also warmly welcomed. 


global complexities

We are on the lookout for personal voices bringing a fresh slant on topics related to migrant identities, border-crossing experiences, tourism gentrification, climate change and other forms of social and psychological violence. Stories that "flow in more than one direction", as Adrienne Rich wrote, able to steering literature in new forms and concerns. 


EXpanded literature

 We are seeking stories exploring the fine lines between truth and literature: auto-fiction novels, memoirsautobiographical essays... Books bridging intimacy, memory and self-awareness, embodying endless possibilities of writing the self. We also have a strong taste for short-stories, novellas, or any project beyond the traditional forms of novels and essays.   



We do not represent:

Commercial Science Fiction · Fantasy · Young Adult Fiction · Children's Picture Books · Early Reader Chapter Books · Inspirational/Spiritual novels · Romance Novels ·


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