The Speed Of Gardens

The Speed Of Gardens


Velocidad de los jardines

Cult Spanish story collection | 1992 | 152 pp

A disturbing, emotional portrait of love, loss and growth wich deeply influenced a whole generation

It is safe to say that Velocidad de los jardines is the cornerstone of this generation of the Spanish short story. Published in 1992, this work has become required reading for short-story lovers, with stories on loss, banality and the hardships of coming-of-age, but also on love and wonder.

These subtile stories include a family crossing a continent devastated by a war, a lonely traveling salesman suspecting an alarming underside in his faded, wistful routine; a man and a woman meeting every evening, without even noticing it knowing; a professor celebrates alone, locked in his car, the arrival of a new year…

With a rich, poetical prose, Tizón swiftly weaves a sensitive reflection of life where memories grow gardens and travel at the speed of time.

Spanish language original


World Spanish: Páginas de Espuma, 1992, 2017

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"In the last twenty years, nothing has come close in Spain in terms of fiction, essay or even poetry"


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"A cult reading and a contemporary classic"

- El Cultural

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El País One of the 100 Best Books From The Past 25 years

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One of the Best 20th Century Spanish Story Collections by Revista Quimera