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Lighting techniques


Técnicas de iluminación

Quietly suspenseful story collection | 2013 | 168 pp |

 A new collection of stories intrigued by danger by Eloy Tizón, one of Spain's brightest authors today

 What happened at the party last night? What’s in that box that our boss secretly gave us, and asked that we keep closed? Is something moving inside? Is that the faintest sound of...someone crying? What type of apocalypse drove a family from the city, with nothing but their clothes, to end up lost in the forest?

Each of these superbly controlled stories hides a dark element: a silent coincidence, something that can’t quite be named but that invites the reader to dive in and help construct the message. The reader is forced to participate in the strange universes of these ten richly imagined stories, and may find some clarity or a pen to ward off misfortune. There is an obsessive quality to the best of these stories that makes them feel pregnant with inscrutable meaning.

An intelligent and confidently idiosyncratic approach to the form; complex, edgy, barely touched and elegantly crafted. 

Spanish language original


World Spanish: Páginas de Espuma | Audio Rights: Storytel

On behalf of Páginas de Espuma

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“Eloy Tizón is one of the greatest of all times”

—Andrés Neuman

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“One of the most outstanding storytellers”

—La Vanguardia

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“A master of suggestion”

—Revista Mercurio

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“The best kept secret in contemporary fiction”

—Continuidad de los Libros