What A Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World


Qué mundo tan maravilloso


A spectacular debut with a provocative literary universe

Torres’ surprising literary debut transports us to a hybrid world. Her main characters are wretched children that find themselves amid boxes, egg shells and occasional coffins. How much humanity do these children have left?

The invitation is clear: read, disconnect and return completely changed. A fresh voice in fiction has penned these thirty-four stories that almost blend together as one. They stand just millimeters apart within the reader’s mind–or more accurately, body–where they elicit many permutations of the same emotion. Everything that grows within us has its roots, stem and leaves.

Spanish language original

Rights :

World Spanish: Páginas de Espuma, 2018

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“A wise, archetypal innocence spans the entire collection. Each story is told from within that youthful forest that we all have inside, that place of longing, loss and revelation”

—Ángel Zapata

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"Vivid, claustrophobic, playful and marvelous. Like those dreams in which someone enters a house looking for some keys. That’s how it feels to read Mariana Torres’ work: you enter and exit simultaneously through the same door"

— Isabel González

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“A symbolic and incredibly mature treasure of a book. With her debut collection, Mariana Torres rightfully joins the ranks of the world’s most adept story-tellers”

—Ignacio Ferrando

Named by the Hay Festival in Bogotá as one of the 39 best Latin American authors under the age of 39


Lola López Mondéjar

Murcia, 1958

Lola López Mondéjar is a psychoanalyst and writer. Her particular literary gaze is pierced by her close connection with the depths of the human, and her pen has formed itself too by her time as a literary journalist.

Her exquisite novel, MY DISGRACED LOVE (Ediciones Siruela, 2010), was a finalist for the Torrente Ballester 2009 Narrative Prize. Her most recent works include EACH NIGHT EACH NIGHT (Siruela, 2016), and the short story collections BOWS OF BLOOD (Páginas de Espuma, 2012) and WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (Páginas de Espuma, 2018).

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