New Toys From The Cold War

New Toys From The Cold War


Nuevos juguetes de la guerra fría

Iván Morante is a migrant worker in New York, where he waits tables at a Peruvian restaurant. On a cold winter day, he arranges to meet Saldaña, a Spanish woman who will help him take a soul-searching trip back to his childhood in 70’s La Paz, Bolivia, when Iván’s father worked at the Cuban embassy.

By revisiting a world that was deep in the throes of the Cold War, Iván will try to rebuild his and his father’s past in those uncertain times. Iván’s story gradually unfolds, revealing a tangle of vague recollections and false memories riddled with soldiers, guerrillas and spies. At the same time, he will struggle to forge his own destiny.

This novel is a mystery with hints of thriller, set against the backdrop of the imminent fall of the Berlin Wall, revolutions throughout Latin America and the geopolitical schemes of an imperialistic United States.

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"A powerful and complete author, a novelist with an admirable narrative force"—ANTONIO MUÑOZ MOLINA

"Robles' outstanding novel explores nostalgic terrain through 80s and 90s children’s fantasies" —BBC MUNDO

“This fascinating novel reveals the Latin American history that many try to hide” —EL COMERCIO

“An excellent novel. Its unique, particular tone is based upon a variety of genres and techniques, ranging from spy novels, non-fiction,intellectual inquiry, and political thrillers” —Luis García Montero, INFOLIBRE

“One of the best books of the year. Its depth transcends the personal and historical context that the author portrays” —PERÚ 21


  • Paperback: Bordes, 2019
  • Audiorights: Planeta Perú/Storytel, 2019
  • World Spanish: Seix Barral, 2016


  • Debut novel
  • Published in 2016, 472 pages
  • Spanish language original
  • English sample available
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Juan Manuel Robles

LIMA, 1978

Juan Manuel Robles was chosen as one of the best writers from Latin America under the age of 39 by the Hay Festival's Bogotá 39 list.

He is the author of NEW TOYS FROM THE COLD WAR (Seix Barral, 2015), one of the most celebrated novels in the last few years from Perú.

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