The Other Lives

The Other Lives


Las otras vidas

Short Stories From Exile  | 2005 | 130 pp

Emigration and displacement prevail in these thought-provoking stories by one of the most significant contemporary Argentinian writers

Writing from two opposite hemispheres, Spain and Buenos Aires, Clara Obligado explores in this essential collection of stories the constant tension between an inevitable loss of roots and an unalterable sense of origins, the affective costs of exile, and the impossibility of returning to the same world we left behind.

Just like Nabokov, Conrad, or Kureishi, she uses a special, personal voice to tell the hardships of diaspora, where distance is a central theme. Her stories are harrowing and intense, yet at the same time, full of life and hope. She shifts between tragedy and comedy, the real and the unreal.

Written “from nowhere and from many locations at the same time”, her stories raise questions about what destiny means, and about what would have happened if we had chosen any other different life path.

*Spanish language original


 World Spanish: Páginas de Espuma

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Clara Obligado

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 1976 she fled the military dictatorship for Spain, where she led the first creative writing workshops in the country. A regular contributor to journalistic publications, she holds a degree in Literature, and has written many collections of essays.

In 1996, she was awarded the premio femenino Lumen for her novel La hija de Marx [Marx’s Daughter]. Páginas de Espuma published a volume of her short stories entitled Las otras vidas [The Other Lives] as well as the anthologies Por favor sea breve 1 y 2 [Please, Be Brief].

These works paved the way for the short-story tradition in Spain, and have been translated in multiple languages.

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