The Prodigal Daughters

The Prodigal Daughters


Las niñas prodigio

"By turns caustic, joyful and downbeat, both cutting-edge and classic: a wonderful miscellany" —REVISTA PARA LEER

A semi-autobiographical novel, stirred by the stigma of an amour fou for an older, alcoholic man, The Prodigy Girls is also a comedy in several acts, and a tale with hints of gothic horror. But above all, it is a contemporary story about identity that begins in an imperfect present and passes back through all the ages of a woman.

Selected by the most recent New Spanish Books panel.

Spanish language original

Rights :

Portuguese: Kalandraka, 2019

World Spanish: Fulgencio Pimentel, 2017

| 2017 | 320 pp |

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"One of the best books of 2017"

—Alberto Olmos, El Confidencial

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"There's something magistral in this novel, which solves effortlessly an unsolved literary challenge. Las niñas prodigio is the reason why I read novels by contemporary writers: to find, through a narrator, what is the real part of ourselves and our nostalgia for ourselves"

— Nadal Suau, El Cultural

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"Sabina Urraca has invented a new genre: autofiction which gets you more hooked than Netflix"


"The captivating debut novel of Sabina Urraca is a fish hook that gets stuck in our palate. A magistral debut novel"

— El Español


Sabina Urraca

San Sebastián, 1984

Sabina Urraca is a writer and journalist. Born in the Basque Country, she spent her childhood in Tenerife and has lived in Madrid for over a decade.

Embracing self-narrative, she feels particularly attracted by immersive, gonzo wordsmithery journalism and releases her demons with satirical chronicles. Her controversial, straightforward, fiercely personal articles are daily shared through the Internet by hundreds of users and made her one of the most distinct and buzziest voices nowadays. She also writes screenplays and several speeches for artists and lectures.

An insurance salesperson, waiter, scriptwriter, announcer, television and advertising copywriter, marijuana cutter, Sabina Urraca is widely hailed today as an exciting new voice in Spanish letters, and writes regularly for Vice Spain, El País and a number of national newspapers.

In September 2017 she hosted the TEDX talk Escapar de la niña prodigio. She is the author of the novel PRODIGAL DAUGHTERS (Las niñas prodigio), published by Fulgencio Pimentel. She is currently writing her second book.

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