Intrusive Skin

Intrusive Skin


La piel intrusa

Uncanny literary stories | 2019 | 152 pp

A universe opening up into brief, flashing moments of strangeness, wonder and turmoil, with characters grappling with the harshness of desire, maternity and existence

A man lovingly touches the leafy body of his sleepy wife, suddenly blossomed with daisy flowers and grass. While he is captivated by her new corporeal form, she refuses to look at herself, and tensions reemerge in their family; Fixedly staring at a sumptuous butterfly on the wall, a woman calls her ex-husband and tries to convince him to genetically modify their daughter’s body, in order to make her more loving and caring; A mother rashly takes her son to a hotel after being told by the school headmistress that he tried to set fire to his classmates— yet she knows this is not her real son....

In her gripping debut collection, Yanina Rosenberg subtly instills fantastic elements within a fragile, distorted reality. Her stories will rattle, push and pull readers to the brink of anxiety, driving them to search for the unknown within the text.

With La piel intrusa [Intrusive Skin], Rosenberg has joined the current prominent wave of bold, female short-story authors from Argentina, deploying a strong, personal voice often compared to Mariana Enríquez.

Spanish language original

Páginas de Espuma’s Debut Author 2019


World Spanish: Páginas de Espuma, 2019

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"Rosenberg drives me up the wall, in the best way possible. Her stories draw upon some of the social and psychological traumas related to female identity"

—Marta Sanz

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“Awarded short stories engaging with issues that are central to feminism today

—El Cultural

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“Uncanny stories from a writer of substance whose imagination takes us through unpleasant terrain, rife with everyday evil”

— Luisa Valenzuela

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"In this debut collection, the social expectations of "natural" motherly feelings are suddenly dismantled"

—La Vanguardia

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Awarded second prize by the Fundación El Libro foundation

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Yanina Rosenberg

Buenos Aires, 1980

Yanina Rosenberg is the author of La piel intrusa [Invasive Skin], (Páginas de Espuma, 2018), a delicate, uncanny story collection which won second prize at the Concurso Fundación El Libro award. The jury comprised distinguished authors Luisa Valenzuela, Abelardo Castillo, Antonio Skármeta, Pablo De Santis and Daniel Divinsky.

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