The Animal Condition

The Animal Condition


La condición animal


Written with a disturbing, swinging prose, these twelve stories tell about human failures and fragilities

What sets us apart as human beings? What is the human condition, exactly? Is it that we know we are fragile, exposed, mortal? What would life be like if we were not affected by the misfortunes of others?

Valeria Correa Fiz writes from the gut, exploring the dark side of humanity: the inevitability of insanity, death, love, sickness, obsession, violence and affection. her morbid and tangible prose forces us to face our own fears, insecurities and anxieties. Pictures transforming and modifying reality; an amputee consulting a fortuneteller and providing one of his limbs, in formalin, to facilitate the mystical process… “We never understand someone else’s pain,” someone says in one of these disturbing stories, “just the part that resembles our own”.

A brutal, shaking piece of the finest literature by a passionate writer with a bright future and talent to spare.


World Spanish: Páginas de Espuma, 2016

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“A book with teeth”

—Revista Quimera

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“A masterfully calculated air of abnormality permeates this whole book"

—La Nación

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“A similar tour de force as that done by Samanta Schweblin and Mariana Enríquez depicting the tension between savagery and civilization”

—Marta Sanz, El País

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“Uncanny and troubling stories with a masterful use of metaphor”