A Dog Eating Silence

A Dog Eating Silence


El perro que comía silencio

Musical & literary short stories | 2011 | 126 pp

A bold, beguiling and tenderly funny debut collection 

 Penned with an intense and playful voice, these stories are peopled by a taunt cast of characters who find themselves at emotional and artistic crossroads. Their paths lead them to a wide variety of scenarios, whose only unifying theme is perhaps music and the limits of language: a love affair with a fish at a five-stars hotel, a lonely man carefully listening to the whispering of colors at a museum, an old woman playing piano naked, wearing just a pearl necklace… There is an obsessive reasearch of language and beauty in these stories that makes them feel pregnant with inscrutable meaning.

As if it were a concerto, El perro que comía silencio consists of three perfectly weaved poetical movements. A confident and idiosyncratic approach to the form, modulated with warm humour, and images sharply drawn and often haunting.

Spanish language original


World Spanish: Páginas de Espuma, 2011

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“A feast of talent, humor and melancholic genius”

—Andrés Neuman

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“I ask myself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Isabel Mellado, I hate you. I love you. I would steal all of your words in a heartbeat, the silences too”

—Hipólito G. Navarro

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“Isabel Mellado’s stories are a raucous joy”

—Eloy Tizón

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“A groundbreaking book heedfully leading us into the other side of reality. A claim for imagination”

— Lina Meruane


Isabel Mellado


Easily flowing between the exploration of the literary possibilities of musical language, to the professional practice of classical violin, Isabel Mellado is one of the most original contemporary fiction writers from Chile. 

A former scholar of the prestigious Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic, she settled in the german capital more than twenty years ago, and she currently splits her musical activity between chamber music projects in Berlin, and her position as first violinist at the Ciudad de Granada Orchestra (Spain). 

Mellado is the author of a delightful debut novel, Vibrato (2018, Alfaguara), and the stories collection El perro que comía silencio (Páginas de Espuma, 2011), both of them showcasing a persistent and delicate presence of music.