No aceptes caramelos de extraños

No aceptes caramelos de extraños


Don’t Take Candy from Strangers

Short stories from the abyss | 2011 | 191 pp

Challenging and uncomfortable stories threading the needle between pain and desire

A daughter seduces her father following the death of her mother, and she asks him to beget a new generation; a mother copes with the loss of her son by rekindling her relationship with her ex-husband; from behind their respective computer screens, a couple tries to bring the spark back to their relationship…

 These eleven short stories capturate dire situations involving parents and children, siblings and couples—scenarios in which morality is a laboratory for the human experience. Jeftanovic’s poetic prose negotiates the agony that comes with loss, the intensity of eroticism and our desperate need for companionship. With needle like precision, she rattles and questions her reader, page after page.

Spanish language original · English, French, German & Portuguese samples available


World Spanish: Uqbar, 2011 | Mexico: Seix Barral, 2012 | Spain: Comba, 2014| Cuba: Casa de las Américas, 2015 | Argentina: Portaculturas, 2015 | Denmark: Aurora Boreal, 2018 | Brazil: Mundaréu, 2019 (expected)

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"A cutting style, stark and cruel, raising uncomfortable questions. Stories hitting like a sledgehammer"

—El Cultural

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"You will suffer a slow stabbing pain, a hurting presence, different grades of affliction…We are warning you ! You will be literally "damaged" by these stories"

—El País

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“One of the most interesting and provocative voices of Chilean literature”

—El Mercurio

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Best Literary Work Award

by the Circle of Art Critics in Chile

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Andrea Jeftanovic


The daughter of a Serbian father and a Bulgarian mother, Andrea Jeftanovic was born in Santiago de Chile the same year Salvador Allende walked in the Palacio de La Moneda. The inheritance of loss, the violence of desire and the inner urge to find a sense of self, count among her chief subjects.

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