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“Sara and I have exiled ourselves from the real world. We have created our own tacit reality. We invent our own intimate globalization"

The paths of two strangers cross on a plane. Sara, a woman from the North, and Alex, a man from the South, repeatedly find and lose track of each other across the globe. The attacks on New York, Madrid and London are the backdrop for this long-distance and poorly timed relationship.

Though the world has become increasingly circumspect due to the perpetual threat of terrorism, the protagonists’ relationship surpasses an expansive landscape. They struggle to transcend their vulnerabilities and the many gaps of their different languages.

In this poignant, multi-layered novel, Jeftanovic uses an elegant style and a gripping plot to tell a universal story of two strangers desiring each other, bringing literary sensitivity to this timely account of love at a distance.

Spanish language original · German sample available


World Spanish: Uqbar, 2006 | World Portuguese: Teorema, 2013

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“One of the most interesting and provocative voices of Chilean literature”


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“Her prose is a testament to her greatest influences, Sebald, Benjamin or Lispector”

—QUÉ LEER Magazine

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“A unique, distinctive voice, and an absolutely inimitable style”

— QUIMERA Magazine

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“Andrea Jeftanovic belongs to a group of Latin American contemporary writers widely open to the world”



Andrea Jeftanovic


The daughter of a Serbian father and a Bulgarian mother, Andrea Jeftanovic was born in Santiago de Chile the same year Salvador Allende walked in the Palacio de La Moneda. The inheritance of loss, the violence of desire and the inner urge to find a sense of self, count among her chief subjects.

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