Escenario de guerra

Escenario de guerra


War Scenes

Literary novel about war, childhood and identity clashes | 2000 | 168 pp |

With great tenderness, a shrewd young girl describes the wartime traumas of her exiled parents while she attempts to mend her own course.

Tamara’s parents bring her into a fractured world. Her house, where she struggles to find her place, is like a refugee camp from a distant war.

Her strict father has night terrors and is tormented by the smell of decay. “He incessantly eats because war could break out at any minute.” Her mother is unstable and is plagued by “unknown diseases”; she even records her “misfortunes on her body.”   

Faced with her own shortcomings, Tamara rehearses a theatrical representation of her universe. In her Escenario de guerra [War Scenes], she wields an immensely poetic narrative memory and attempts to piece together her own story and existence. 

 A stunning and masterful story presenting literature as a powerful tool that can endure even the darkest past.

Spanish language original


World Spanish: Alfaguara Chile, 2004 | Spain: Baladí, 2010 | Costa Rica: Lanzallamas, 2012 | Ebook: Ebooks Patagonia, 2011 | World English: Charco Press (expected 2020)

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“An outstanding, perceptive reflection on how global events affect the tiny lives of anonymous citizens”


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“A unique, highly emotional novel


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“One of the most interesting and provocative voices of Chilean literature”


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“Andrea Jeftanovic belongs to a group of Latin American contemporary writers widely open to the world”



Andrea Jeftanovic


The daughter of a Serbian father and a Bulgarian mother, Andrea Jeftanovic was born in Santiago de Chile the same year Salvador Allende walked in the Palacio de La Moneda. The inheritance of loss, the violence of desire and the inner urge to find a sense of self, count among her chief subjects.

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