Valeria Correa Fiz

Valeria Correa Fiz


Rosario, Argentina

Valeria Correa Fiz was born and rasied in Rosario (Argentina), on the banks of the Paraná River. Though she has spent more than a decade living abroad, exclusively in cities that begin with the letter ‘M’ (Miami, Milan and Madrid), her prose maintains a sense of humor that is as dark and rebellious as the waters of the Paraná.

In December 2016, Correa Fiz won the XI Premio Internacional Poesía Claudio Rodríguez poetry prize for her collection El invierno a deshoras [Unseasonable Winter], to be published by Hiperión.

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“Correa Fiz writes with the calm of an open-heart surgeon”

—Ámbito Cultural

“She has the incredible to ability to describe cruel and terrible situations with subtlety and detail”


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“A similar tour de force as that done by Samanta Schweblin and Mariana Enríquez depicting the tension between savagery and civilization”

—Marta Sanz, El País

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“She writes from the gut, portraying disturbed characters within the pressure cooker of domestic life”

—ABC Cultural