Leandro Ávalos Blacha

Leandro Ávalos Blacha


Quilmes, Argentina, 1980

Serial killers, punk zombies, evil nuns, teenage TV mediums, unscrupulous businessmen... Ávalos Blacha's (Quilmes, Argentina, 1980) masterfully melts frisky, nail-biting characters with dark humour, a sharp criticial eye on social inequalities, and the best high pulp literature.

Awarded with the Premio Indio Rico 2007, he is the author of several awarden novels, including Berazachussetts (Entropía, 2007, translated into French by Aspahlte Editions and published by Folio SF in a paperback edition), and Malicia (Entropía, 2016).

He is currently working on a graphic novel with the French illustrator Stéphane de Caneva, while finishing the second part of Malicia.

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Indio Rico Award 2007 —Jury composed by César Aira, Daniel Link and Alan Pauls

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"Ávalos Blacha’s concise and clear-cut style seems to follow the camera games of filmmakers such as John Carpenter or Brian De Palma"

—Revista Ñ

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"One of the most interesting young authors from Argentina"

—Perfil Cultura

“Ávalos Blacha outstandingly handles the realms of fiction. He manages to open up a rich variety of universes breaking all genre conventions"

—Silvina Friera, Página 12

"With surgical precision, Ávalos Blacha tightens a bow conjuring the popular punk and middle-class language of the youth, small chatting over a coffee, and the most elegant, sohpisticated literary tradition”

—Los Inrockuptibles