Francisco Ferrer Lerín

Francisco Ferrer Lerín


Barcelona, 1942

Francisco Ferrer Lerín is an author, philologist and ornithologist specialized in necrophagous raptors. Considered by many the “father of the Novísimo period”, he made his debut as a poet in the sixties, but at the end of that same decade he disappeared from the literary scene and moved to the Pyrenees to work as biologist. This sudden departure from literature for three decades made him a secret, cult author, on whom all kinds of legends were woven.

He made his come back in 2005 publishing an autobiographical novel, Nickel, producing since then a unique work including his particular Bestiario (2007), the novel Familias como la mía (2011) and unclassifiable pieces of fiction like Papur (2008), Gingival (2012), Mansa chatarra (2014) or 30 niñas (2014). In 2006, he gathered his “authorised poetry”, Ciudad propia. Other poetry works include Fámulo (2009, Premio de la Crítica Award), Edad del insecto (2016).

Besos humanos , his last piece of fiction, was published by Anagrama in 2018.

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“A unique, unclassifiable cult writer with a legendary halo”

—El País

“A deep, subterranean horror, goes through the work of Ferrer Lerín”

—Vicente Verdú

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“Along with Borges, Ferrer Lerín is to my eyes the most interesting Spanish-language writer”

—Eric Vuillard, El Heraldo

“A web of stories trapped in a restless sleep. A huge feast”

—El Cultural