Eloy Tizón

Eloy Tizón


Madrid, 1964

As critic Rafael Conte says, Eloy Tizón is "the most original, personal and surprising Spanish author".

A regular contributor to El Cultural and El Mundo. Tizón has written dazzling short stories collections such as Lighting techniques (2013) Blinking (2006) and The Speed of Gardens (1992), a widely praised landmark work which was a El País “100 Most Interesting Books from Spain in the last 25 years ”, and a Revista Quimera Best XXth Century Stories Collection from Spain”.

Eloy Tizón is also the author of three celebrated novels: The Singing Voice (2004) Labia (2001) and Wild Silk (1995), a finalist for the Herralde Award.

Translated into several languages and included in a number of anthologies, Tizón was included in Dalkey Archive’s Best European Fiction Writer 2013 anthology, with a preface by John Banville.

Photo © Lisbeth Salas

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“Eloy Tizón is one of the greatest of all times”

—Andrés Neuman

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"In the last twenty years, nothing has come close in Spain in terms of fiction, essay or even poetry"

—Factor Crítico

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“One of the most outstanding storytellers ever”

—La Vanguardia

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Finalist for the Herralde Novel Award