Andrea Jeftanovic

Andrea Jeftanovic


Santiago de Chile, 1970

A PhD graduate in Literature of the University of Berkeley, Jeftanovic is a also a critically acclaimed novelist, storyteller and essayist. The inheritance of loss, the violence of desire and the inner urge to find a sense of self, count among her chief subjects.

Her extensive literary work ranges from novels —State of war (2000), Geography of the language (2007)—, to non-fiction and short storytelling. Her widely celebrated collection —Don’t accept candies from strangers, Seix Barral, 2011— won the Best Literary Work Award by the Circle of Art Critics in Chile and was translated into several languages.

Jeftanovic is a regular contributor to Quimera Magazine, Letras Libres, and El Mercurio de Chile.

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“A unique, distinctive voice, and an absolutely inimitable style”

—Revista Quimera

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“Readers, please note that you will suffer a slow stabbing pain, a hurting presence, different grades of affliction…We are warning you! You will be literally "damaged”

—Care Santos, El País

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“A heedful glance into complex realities. We can feel the legacy of her teachers, Sebald, Benjamin and Lispector”

—Qué Leer Magazine

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“Andrea Jeftanovic belongs to a group of Latin American contemporary writers widely open to the world”

—El Cultural