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A full-service literary agency in Paris


We are a full-service literary agency born in Paris in 2018. We strive to provide solid, practical advice and support for our authors, not just in relation to their literary work, but across every other aspect of our representation of them. 

Our aim is to ensure that our clients retain more creative control and receive greater respect for their rights, whether by a publisher or a film or television production company, making these contracts work harder, while gaining greater exposure and opportunities.

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The company was founded in Paris in 2018 by Marina Alonso de Caso. Holding an executive program in Creative Industries Network from RIC/IED (Red de Industrias Creativas) and a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature from Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle, Marina has worked both for French and Spanish-language publishers, where she was trained in translated literature and rights-related positions. Prior to establishing her own agency, she was part of the foreign literature team at Éditions Gallimard.

A native of the island of Mallorca, Marina has lived and worked in different cities across the globe, including Barcelona, Berlin, Mexico City and Paris, where she currently lives.

Kalpa (Sanskrit: कल्प ) — The passing of time on a grand, cosmological scale